Writing Logs

Hi! This is my writing log. Books I am working on will be called by B and then the number of book it is I've started. This is because I don't want to reveal the titles yet :). Each date next to the word count is the day I reach that number of words. If I miss a day, there will just be a gap in the log.

I wish I could write more per day. Imagine how many books I could write and how fast I'd learn! Alas, I have a poor attention span and even getting 1000 words per day is a struggle. I hope that with practice I can get that number up. My goal is 5000 words per day, and I already reached 3000 in one day one time with the book I have on hold. I think the secret will be to find some kind of motivation within myself. And maybe actually get enough sleep at night.

So, an update. I was able to write over 2000 words today! I see this as a huge step. I wrote for a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes, but I felt like I was getting physically tired at the end so that's why I stopped. I also took a walk in the middle of my writing since the weather is so nice, but I was worried about it because I'm so out of shape from not having anything to do that when I go on even short walks it can make me tired. Which unfortunately it did, but today I didn't let it affect my performance and I pushed through. Some things that are helping me write more are using the pomodoro technique, and sleeping a decent amount of time. I think sleep is crucial to help me concentrate, since it take more energy than normal to wrangle my ADHD brain into focusing. I plan on writing for longer tomorrow, perhaps 2 hours and 5 minutes, and gradually increasing the time each day. If I write for 10 hours each day, I can make it to 10k words per day. This isn't ideal however, so I plan on learning other techniques to help me write faster. The biggest thing that's helping me right now is that I'm pretty serious about trying to make this a career and that gives me a lot of motivation.