Welcome to my compositions section

What is this section for?

Here is where I will keep different articles I write about things I'm interested in. Hopefully you will find them interesting too! I named it compositions because I thought people would be turned off from it if I named this section 'Essays' even if that is a more accurate title. I'll try hard to make sure my essays are interesting to read though, I promise!

Why is the styling different?

The reason I changed the styling is that this is a place I want you to be able to read my content without all the distractions. I've done a lot of research into things like fonts (the one you should be seeing now is called "Source Sans Pro") for maximum radability on screens as well as added things I've noticed personally help me read, like this darker background which I find to help me concentrate and reduce eye strain. Let me know what you think or if you think it needs changing! (I'll have links for that later) I also plan on adding a light mode/dark mode toggle so you can change it yourself :)

Why not just have this under your writing section?

I want to keep the progress updates and eventual links to my books separate from my more personal/academic endeavours. These will be short essays, and the other section will have full books :)